A Notary Public is a public officer commissioned by the Clerk of Superior Court to administer oaths, attest and certify documents, take acknowledgements, and perform certain other official acts. Each Notary Public shall hold office for four years from the date of commissioning.

The Office of the Superior Court is responsible for approving and issuing Notary Public Commissions. You must complete the registration online. You will need to print your notary package and follow the instructions. Please note that on a new notary public application you will need two endorsers. Those two endorsers must live in Butts County and cannot be related to you. After completion, you will need to bring your completed paperwork to the Office of Clerk of Superior Court.

For additional information about Notary Public, click HERE.

The cost of Notary Public is $46.50.

*Forms of payment accepted are Cash, Check, Money Order or Visa/Mastercard/Discover*